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Episode 18 –
Create Beautiful Space with Rachel Pratt


Episode 18 – Create Beautiful Space with Rachel Pratt

For today’s episode, we are joined by Rachel Pratt, a Johns Creek, GA based Interior Designer and Home Stager. Rachel shares her consultation process and how she navigates both simple and complicated design projects all while helping clients fall in love with their homes. We also discuss how she works with clients that don’t know what their personal style is. Whether you just want a small refresh or an entire home remodel, Rachel can help turn your house into your dream home.


  • [03:14] Rachel shares what inspired her to become an interior designer.
  • [05:57] Rachel elaborates on the consultation process for different levels of projects.
  • [10:11] Here is Rachel’s process for staging a customer’s home to sell.
  • [12:44] Many clients don’t actually know what they want.  Here is how Rachel helps them discover their design style.


  • Many people have looked at the same four walls over the last two years and are probably tired of seeing the same things day in and day out.
  • The money you will spend hiring an interior designer to prep your house to sell is money that you will get back tenfold.
  • Pinterest is a great tool for interior designers.
  • Even if you don’t know your personal style, an interior designer will work with you to discover your style.





Rachel is a Johns Creek, GA based Interior Designer and Home Stager. She created her company after multiple friends and neighbors kept asking her for help. Today, she walks clients through the design process and takes the guesswork out of decisions. 

Rachel is married to G.B. and has three children. 


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