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Episode 16 –
A Healthy Retirement with Jenny Herman


Episode 16 – A Healthy Retirement with Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is a certified personal trainer and nutritional coach who is passionate about helping people learn how to live healthier lives. Jenny joins us today to discuss why she teaches her clients to focus on balanced nutrition rather than dieting. It’s not too late to start a simple exercise routine and try mindful eating. Tune in to hear the best way to ease back into exercise in your retirement, and simple resources that can help you start today.


  • [07:15] Wondering where to start your journey to better nutrition? Here’s how you can start today.
  • [11:28] Jenny breaks down basic nutritional needs.
  • [13:44] Why Jenny doesn’t use the word “diet”.
  • [17:03] These are the best types of exercise for retirees.


  • Mindful eating doesn’t mean eliminating your favorite treats from your diet, it means enjoying them in moderation.
  • Not all calories are created equal.
  • Exercise is good for us physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Even if you are changing your nutritional habits, you can still go to a restaurant and eat the foods you love.








As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, Jenny has always had a passion for physical improvement. In chasing her goals she has learned that better physical health leads to better mental health. Learning and applying healthy eating habits to exercise science will enhance your everyday life. Jenny attended Auburn University (War Eagle!) graduating with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. After college, she worked for Johnson and Johnson before hanging up her corporate sales job to become a mom and group fitness instructor. Encouraged by her own personal trainer, Steve Alford, she studied and became certified in Group Fitness from The American Athletic Fitness Association, Certified Personal Trainer from The National Academy of Sports Medicine and a TRX Suspension Trainer.

In addition, Jenny is certified in Nutrition Coaching from The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Jenny’s passion is teaching others how to eat healthy, exercise safely & effectively achieve long term success. Fads come and go but if you learn to make day-by-day gradual improvements it will lead to a lifetime of success. Jenny believes strongly in a mind-body connection through motivation and positive thinking. This will guide you to success and a Weigh Better life!


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