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Episode 08 – Retiring Into Your Dream Career with Ian Kowalski

Episode 08 – Retiring into your Dream Career with Ian Kowalski!

Ian Kowalski is a recovering engineer. For the first half of his career, Ian was a rocket scientist in corporate America. Ian talks about how he ditched the corporate world and became his own boss. If you’re ready to leave the corporate world, listen to Ian’s tips on what to do next. Ian also explains how to start your own business. Tune in as Tom gives his advice around earning a better interest rate for your money!


    • [02:40] Ian speaks about ditching corporate America to become his own boss.
    • [10:30] Are you looking to get out of corporate America? Ian gives his advice on what you should do next.
    • [19:35] The first three things you should do when starting your very own business.
    • [23:00] Inflation is real. Put your money somewhere to earn a better rate of interest.


  • Are you looking for a new job? Find something you love, find something you know, and find something you have a passion for.
  • If you’re 62 years old and decide you want to launch a business in a field you love, you should go for it.
  • Not sure what type of business you should start? First, find a problem. Then, solve that problem.
  • If you can find a business you love, you’ll find that the work really isn’t work.


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A recovering engineer. First half of my career I was a rocket scientist in corporate America. Second half of my career I became a jack of all trades in Business Process Development, The Supply Chain, IT, and Lean/ 6sigma still in corporate America. The third half of my career I work for my wife who owns Suspenz, a company that designs, manufactures, markets, and sells products in the paddle sports industry.


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